Segway Personal Transporters (PTs)

The Segway PT represents the next generation in clean, personal mobility, offering several advancements beyond our first generation models that make the ride even more intuitive and productive than ever before.

Consumers can choose between the versatile and sleek flagship model, the Segway i2, the Segway x2, or six different fully equipped packages tailored to such uses as commuting and golf. The Segway i2 is a great way to enjoy the ride while commuting to work, running errands, or just traveling a short distance where a car is more hassle than it’s worth. The Segway x2 brings added versatility to your world, offering sturdy capability in rugged off-sidewalk terrains such as trails, bike paths or beachfronts. The Segway x2 Golf package is an innovative, fun and flexible way to play a round. Build your very own Segway PT with our easy to use Configurator. Not sure if a Segway PT is right for you? Take our Segway Compatibility Test to find the one that fits your life and adds fun to your daily activities.

Businesses worldwide have discovered the enhanced productivity and increased mobility inherent to the versatile, reliable and durable Segway i2. The Segway i2 has been developed to excel in speed, range, and maneuverability in varied environments. Packages tailored to the needs of security and commercial customers are available and an additional range of accessories can be added for true customisation. Unsure if a Segway PT fits your business? Take the Segway Compatibility Test to learn how a Segway PT can address your business transportation needs, help you achieve your business goals, and positively impact your bottom line.

Police and security agencies worldwide are using Segway products to patrol airports, transit stations, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls and campuses. Check out the versatile Segway i2 Police , optimized for policing needs with additional cargo and reflectivity options.

For businesses operating in outdoor environments, the Segway x2 maximizes performance on diverse off-sidewalk terrain. This rugged version of our venerable Segway PT makes tackling rough terrain a breeze, equipped with standard lithium-ion batteries and low-pressure tires.